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I enjoy interlinking marine science with computational modelling to

better understand eco-evolutionary processes and faster achieve the sustainable use of marine ecosystems.





I was always fascinated by the harmonized complexity of nature and the way things change.

Whether when diving in the Adriatic sea in search for fishes and mussels, or when trying to capture Monarch butterflies on the meadow fields near the primaeval forest of Slovenia.

Marine world intrigues me slightly more due to its colourful complexity across multiple spatial and biological dimensions, from population dynamics to food-web interactions.


I am currently a PhD student in the Kuparinen research group at the Department of Biological and Environmental Science at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. During PhD I pursue the answers to the research questions such are 

i) Why do some fish spawn their eggs in several batches, ii) How does fishing affect the risk-spreading strategies, and iii) Are the marine food-webs changing in the light of fishing-induced evolution?  


Through this website, I share bits of curiosity on projects 

that I am or have been working on. 


But because diversity is the most beautiful trait in every meaning of its concept,

 I might add some afternoon clay | code | game.

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